Worm Farming in South Africa

Developing Worm Farming in South Africa

Developing worm farming is very much possible if you know as to how to do it. It just requires a cool shaded place where you can begin. Worm farming in South Africa is very much practised especially in Cape Town. You can buy worm farms or compost bins to begin with along with red worms or tiger worms.

Worm farming forms an important activity in South Africa where it is practised in large numbers in different countries. The leftover food as well as garden wastes if they undergo composting forms excellent fertilisers which is said to be far more better and superior than the other fertilisers.

Worm farming in South Africa

Worm farming is on the rise in South Africa. This farming is fast catching in South Africa where left over kitchen food, garden waste are not thrown out rather they are wisely kept in a balcony or any other corner of the house and left to turn into manure. What all is required in worm farming is a shaded place.

Worm farms can be purchased as well and they are available at a very low price of just around $54. You can even buy the compost bins which are available for $27. You can ask the Waste Education Officer of your city to deliver you the red or the tiger worms which can thereby be used for worm farming. Online also you will be guided as to how to go through and enhance your worm farming by the City of Ryde.

Positive Aspects of Worm Farming

The positive side of worm farming is that it does not requires a large space, it can easily be done indoors if you a flat roof top or a balcony. It helps to process the waste material and that too in lesser amount of time.

If you go for it in a full fledge way you are able to save lots of money which you might have spent on fertilisers, insecticides, as well as soil conditioners. The most important thing is that it will give your garden 100% natural manure. Eco worm farms are very much in practice in Cape Town where the people lay prime emphasis on recycling.

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