Wine Farms in South Africa

Get to Know about Wine farms in South Africa and Wine Farming Insights

There are many South Africa wine states that excelled through their different strategies in wine farming. The oldest wine farms in South Africa have their own secrets in achieving the success in wine growing. Each of them thinks of some special ways to stay on top of wine industry without compromising any other factors in wine farming.

You are probably familiar with the basic steps in wine growing process. But wine farming is not that easy as you know. You have to master every step and commit yourself in this area. Even the oldest wine farms in South Africa will lead you first to important step in wine growing. Find out more about wine farming process as you further read this article.

Climate and Terrains

Climate is among the most significant factors in grape growing. The vineyards grow rigorously in moderate climates which are usually in between 20 and 50⁰ latitude on the two sides of the Equator. Terrain pertains to the type of soil including its local topography. Fertility, composition and soil slope greatly affect the growing of wine grapes.

Planting Grapes and Vineyard Management

Before planting grapes, you have to determine the grape variety that is suitable to plant depending on land characteristics. The clones and rootstocks must be identified and chosen carefully for it may affect the growing process of the wine grapes. Since not a hundred percent of growing wine grapes depends on nature. The vineyard management has big impact on every finished product. The people under wine farms in South Africa make their decisions accordingly and keenly observe their property’s physical aspects.

Diseases and Pests

Pests and diseases are one of the common problems in grape growing. The vines must be constantly guarded against these problems. However, there are numerous strategies suggested by old wine farms from South Africa to get rid of them.

Terroir and Vine’s Annual Life Cycle

The grape vines respond particularly to the localized features which are innate in vineyard which is referred to as terroir. After growing in same place for several years, managers are aware of the land aspects that make it unique. The vine’s annual cycle starts from early part of spring to later part of fall. Other regions for growing wine grapes have extended growing seasons.

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