Wheat Farming in South Africa

South Africa Wheat Farming

South Africa wheat farming forms an essential field of activity and over the years South Africa has remained a major exporter of wheat. The soil moisture as well as rainfall matters the most in determining wheat farming. Wheat farming in South Africa however is on the decline over the past few years.

Wheat farming is said to be one of the most essential activities in South Africa. Maize is considered to be the most important crop along with sugarcane and wheat cultivation which is being followed on a massive scale. The Free State is known to be the largest producer of wheat.

Wheat production in South Africa

The winter cereals comprises of the wheat, barley and oats. Wheat after maize forms the most important crop and is basically considered to be the staple food of the people of South Africa. Beyond doubt, South Africa is said to be one of the major exporters of wheat to other countries owing to the large production in the country.

In the North West Province, agriculture forms the second most essential economic activity. The main areas of South Africa which are engaged in agriculture include the Crocodile, Vaal. The Hart rivers’ area too is actively engaged in farming. A number of irrigation schemes are also being followed in the country.

As much as 40,000-50,000 hectares of land is being planted with wheat in the North West Province of South Africa which indeed can be called as one of the largest areas.
The other producing areas of wheat in South Africa include the Free State, Northern Cape, Mpumalanga where too wheat is being produced though in varying quantities. The soil moisture along with rainfall matters the most in determining as to which area is the best for wheat farming.

Decline in Wheat Production

Over the past few years wheat production is said to have declined in South Africa this has been due to a large number of factors. This has been a cause of trouble amongst the African farmers, as it forms the major source of income for them.

Farmers are finding it difficult now to get adequate funding as well as farm credit for the wheat production which is leaving them in lurch especially in Zimbabwe where wheat production has fallen too low.

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