Ways to Export Cars to South Africa

Effective Ways to Export Cars to South Africa

South Africa is considered to be the "Fairest Cape of them All" that served as a strategic point for all vessels en route to Asia, India and other surrounding territories. Cars are being exported and shipped until all the standards and permits are obtained.

Used or new vehicles to be shipped or transported in South Africa should first follow the rules and regulations in the borders of the fellow countries wherein South African owners can pick them up and drive them on their homes. Here are a few ways to export cars to South Africa.

Container Shipping

Container shipping is available at its higher costs. The cars are departed from the ports of any country; shipping multiple cars through the use of car shipping. As compared to Roll on and Roll off shipping, the personal items can still be shipped in the container or car with container shipping.

There is only a need to present a list of the items along their values. The car shipping way can still be used when moving items along the vehicle. There are lots of room in shipping big household items such as tables and couches to South Africa.

If you are still in need of shipping by means of Roll On and Roll Off Ship, the vehicles are handled by the dependable and outstanding staff from the beginning until the end. This gives you a peaceful and relaxing mind. The vehicle is also delivered safely to any destination in South Africa.

Requesting for a Quote by First filling out the “GET A FAST QUOTE” form on any Transport Company

By requesting for a quote and filling out the “get a fast quote” form, this is surely a dependable and reliably way of exporting cars to South Africa. There may be a reliable and reputable transport company that can provide you with this quote. This makes it much easier for you to export cars to South Africa. There is still a need to pay for import tax from the country where the vehicle comes from.

Contacting the Embassy or Consulate in South Africa for the Recent Information on Import Tax

Another way to exporting cars to South Africa is by contacting the embassy or consulate. In contacting them, there is a need to get for the recent information on import tax. Even the “title of ownership” or “bill of sale” is required and must be presented.

Paying the Taxes on one of the Nearby Countries

The taxes must be paid after the car is already delivered. If the vehicle still needs to be transported to any of the nearby countries, then, the taxes must be paid on the destination country.

The good news is that there are companies that can assist in exporting the cars to South Africa.

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