Tomato Farming in Kenya

Guidelines and Techniques for Farming Tomato in Kenya

Even if you are not a farmer, you can still learn different ways of planting techniques for a tomato. Tomatoes grow in the yard or in tomato farm itself as long as you provided them the right care and protection they needed. Tomato farming in Kenya has shared some strategies in growing tomatoes. This serves as your guideline to perfect planting a tomato and soon harvest them abundantly.

Tomatoes are widely known vegetables because of its richness in vitamin A, B and C, antioxidants and dietary fibres. Kenya started its greenhouse production for tomatoes with much hopes that the vegetables be available but with affordable prices. Tomato farming in Kenya also provides some guidelines and ways to properly grow a tomato.

Ecological Requirement

When planting tomatoes you have to basically consider the climate. They do well in an altitude range of 0-2100 m and in places with annual rainfall between 760 and 1300 mm. Tomatoes get disease incidences if they experienced very heavy rainfall and prolong the maturity period. They also need a fertile, deep and well-drained soil.


Get to know more about the tomatoes’ varieties. They are grouped into fresh markets which are round in appearance and fleshy and the processing varieties which are oval shaped and elongated.

Preparation and Planting

The members of the field in solanacea family have not grown for the last 3 years that is why is should be selected for preventing diseases and pests. The land must be dug deep and the weeds and perennial must be controlled. The holes are usually 15 cm deep. It should be dug at space of 90 by 60cm or 100 by 50 cm according to its variety.

Some amount of well rotten manure and teaspoonful of double superphosphate can be added to every hole and mixed very well in the soil. Tomato farming in Kenya also undergoes transplanting to let the tomatoes grow healthier.


The tomatoes for caning should be left to ripen on plant before harvesting. The tomatoes that are picked green even after ripening are in poor quality. Farmers should consider farming in a greenhouse to reduce excessive supply during some seasons for it really affects the products’ prices. A farmer who carefully ventured in this kind of investment enjoys the untold profits because of its unending market demands.

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ikongo says:

i am a farmer in congo drc our like to work with you in the projet for the tomato our like to hear from you.

Francis says:

Am a young Kenyan interested in taking up small scale farming for getting some money on the side... Looks like tomatoes are really complicated.

David omollo says:

I have started to grow tomatoes in my 1/2 an hector land. at this time the weather condition is warm and dry. I will use irrigation method. I kindly ask for assistance all through.

james says:

young kenyan and would like to get involved in tomato farming what are the true proceedings already have started with one acre one month ago i would like to expand

Paul Adera obera says:

Tomato farming pays a lot, only it is delicate and needs intensive care, but we must not be scared. I like sharing information with farmers on tomatoes farming.

Elly says:

i grew tomatoes in 2011 in a greenhouse and they all wilted before harvesting. I want to start again what could have been the problem?

duncan says:

i want to grow tomatoes in a place at ukambani. can they do well at a time like this?

stephen says:

what amount of tomatoes can i harvest in first week and how long can i harvest?

mike katubah says:

i am a small scale tomato farmer and would like to get any assistance from you regarding diseases and methods of farming kind regards

kalinga makau says:

is it wise to grow tomatoes during rainy season when the supply is low and what is one required to do to get good harvest.

mkulima says:

I've been into tomato farming for years now. The returns are good. I also do Bulb onion as well and the business is encouraging. To cut the long story short, tomato and onion farming is a goldmine. For free advice contact me via or call +2547253893761

Eliot Gwatidzo says:

Quite educating stuff. I have the passion of growing tomatoes but have no knowledge to do it. Thanks I am learning how to do it. Keep on sharing the knowledge with us.

Wafubwa C. Mang'oli says:

i want to start the project of tomato production. what is the best variety for western kenya - bungoma county

James k. Murigi says:

I have been reading articles of farmers who benefited from tomato farming and have developed special interest in growing them this season. I have a 4 Acre land at karaba of black cotton soil type. I need a well wisher who can guide me step by step while advising me on all tomato diseases and pests and their remedies from seed varieties, seeds planting and nursery management, transplanting, growth in the field management to safeguard my investment. Almighty God will bless you.


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