Raising Farm Animals in Africa

Tips to Raise Farm Animals in Africa

Farm animals in Africa are being raised on a large scale. These animals require essential growing and breeding conditions. Raising farm animals in Africa requires a large pasture ground where cattle can graze, you also need to develop strong roof and a shade to keep the animals protected and well fed.

Farming animal is one of the important activities in Africa. A large number of people are employed in this business of livestock.

Pigs are one of the most important farm animals of Africa. This is basically due to the kind of farms as well as land available in Africa that pigs are farmed on a large scale.

Raising Pigs in Africa

Raising pigs is said to be quite easy, they are basically raised on pastures, they don’t require much effort in raising and thus they can be raised with just enough of food and water. They lead a simple and natural life and don’t bother you much. There are a number of advantages of raising pigs on your farms the most important being that they are able to help you give you more fertilisers, they are good at being kept clean.

Cape Town in Africa is said to be quite ahead in promoting farm animals. They are promoting “one meat free day a week”. This is being done in order to promote farm animals in Africa. A large number of animals are being grown in Africa for industrial purposes. These animals are primarily being used for the production of soya, grains and much more.

Building your own Farm for Animals

You also need to know as to how to raise farm animals. For this purpose, you should build your own stock which is going to be better. You need to raise only a few small animals at the beginning like cattle.

You should also build a shelter for your animals so as to protect them from heat and rain. Make sure the roof is quite strong. The farm animals should be kept in a way that they are able to find their own food in the pasture land. Branding is also required which serves as an identification mark for your animals.

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Mukisha Boris says:

Please kindly assist me with ideas and ways to start an animal farming in Zambia. I am passionate about it and its easy for me to find land.

Mandla Duma says:

I have recently gained the ownership of a farm in KZN midlands. I would like to practice trout farming, maize production, piggery as well as poultry. I would like an advice on any of those categories especially about markets available for maize because that is where I want to start.


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