Organic Farming in South Africa

Understand the Value of Organic Farming in South Africa

If you are from Africa and you have a farm, you have to consider the organic farming in South Africa. This alternative way of farming is advisable since it offers different benefits that are associated in environment and health problems.

Organic farming in South Africa is a regular practice in this country. One of the reasons why this way of farming is popular is that it is good and it gives benefits that are related to environment and health status of the people who are living in South Africa. Organic farming is promoted due to its capacity to maintain the normal condition of the soil by means of using the organic wastes including other natural materials together with beneficial microbes to release the nutrients for the crops. It is performed to achieve an improved sustainable production inside an eco-friendly and pollution-free environment.

A Short Introduction about Organic Farming

Organic farming is one of the different approaches to a sustainable agriculture. Definitely, most of the strategies utilized in organic farming like inter-cropping, addition of the crops and livestock and mulching are practiced under the various farming systems. The uniqueness of this way of farming is that within the different laws as well as certification programs, almost every synthetic inputs are not allowed, and the “soil building” harvest rotations are obligatory.

The Current Status of Organic Farming

Organics has been improving slowly yet steadily through the previous ten years. The division was inundated by divisions yet the small and big scale producers have united to create the Organic Sector Association in South Africa.


When it comes to environment, organic farming in South Africa does not produce poisons that can produce poisons. This also doubles the carbon sequestration, efficient both in non-solar energy as well as water terms. Organic farming could also develop biodiversity.

This natural way of farming would also give some benefits when it comes to health issues. Most studies made about organic farming in South Africa revealed that organically harvest food is healthier and nutritious. When it comes to health, people should eat fruits and vegetables that are raised organically.

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collin tlhabanelo says:

I have a desire to produce my own food and maybe even make some from the land i have. I know absolutely nothing about farming, I only have the desire to learn.

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I need sum help with farming and i want to learn the organic way its really fascinating.

Boipelo David Gaobepe says:

Please provide with more informations on production practices for vegetables

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Ricky says:

Hey there, I am a South-African citizen and i am interested in Organic Farming, however i have been struggling to find where i can learn about it, i have read books although i still need practical experience, any help would be kindly appreciated.

Mandi Mbaba says:

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suzan khoza says:

I would like to start an organic farm, but i'm totally clueless about it. It seems like a very fascinating way of farming.

Jeffrey Thabo Mpesi says:

Can you please clearly elaborate on the Certification process of organic products in Africa, South Africa in particular. And how many Agencies are there in africa?

Elvis says:

I'm really astonished and interested to learn more about Organic farming as you recommend it. Indeed, I need more help from you regarding farming options (planting, animal), more details and information on those issues. I would appreciate your support, thank you.

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want to know about organic farming

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Hi There, I hope you can assist me. I'm looking for farmers specialising in growing organic veggies and free range chickens. Is there anyway I can obtain such a list ? Kind Regards, Roy

Mpolokeng says:

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I would like to do your courses on organic farming.

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I just acquired a sizable piece of land, and would like to cultivate it for for organic crop farming. I welcome all the advise I can use, I'm new to farming but am prepared to learn.

Blessing says:

Good day, I would like to be a farmer particularly an organic farmer but I have no formal training nor any experience in agriculture. How does one go about acquiring the knowledge and skills required to be a farmer and where can I get that information. Thank you.


Could you advise me on how to go about to enroll for a short course in organic farming. We have a land that was last used in 2003. Looking at the economic interface, we are considering to utilize the land in every possible benefit in the Agric sector.


Could you advise me on how to go about to enroll for a short course in organic farming. We have a land that was last used in 2003. Looking at the economic interface, we are considering to utilize the land in every possible benefit in the Agric sector.

ntsiki jacobs says:

I am passionate about farming, organic farming but have no clue where to go to get started. please help

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I'm passionate about organic farming as I'm into health and nutrition, can you please assist on how to start

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I want to know more about organic farming as well as how to start and is there someone of some organisation that can assist me through the whole process of organic farming?

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Would like to know how to make an Organic Farm Nursery...

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I am interested in organuc farming methods

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Please assist,i would like to learn about organic farming.i have a piece of land in my back yard when i grow vegetables.i heard about organic farming and i want to learn more and practise to increase productivity in my vegatable garden.

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Caroline Chipane says:

I am Director of Itlhabolole Upliftment project .My focus is for rural development .I need assistance on training organic farming for adults .

Stuart says:

Hi I'd like to "farm" organically at home and looking for a good beginners book. can you suggest any. Thanks Stuart

Paul says:

I am an expert in irrigation systems as well as horticulture and i recently had an opportunity to help a new farmer who got a piece of land and was clueless. From the basics of vegetable production,Estimation of capital needs,Irrigation system design and installation. So for anyone with interest in such services you can contact me via my email or call on 079 302 0820.

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I am interested in organic farming. I have a small piece of land. How do I go about it and where do I start?

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Im interested in gaining sufficient training in organic farming and best practices.please help

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