Maize Farming in South Africa

Knowing the Maize Farming System in South Africa

Maize farming in South Africa was practiced by the indigenous Indians inside the country for thousands of years up to present. It is important for you to know how these people raise this crop, the origin, how they plant, the kinds of maize, and how they harvest it.

The agriculture inside the South Africa contributes about 10% of the formal occupation which are relatively low as compared to some parts of the country. South Africa comes with double farming economy, with the well-developed profitable farming as well as the substance-based production of crops within the profound rural areas. Despite of the fact that the origin of maize is still unknown, maize farming in South Africa has been one of the occupations of most indigenous people in Southern part of Africa. The first known proof of maize is the fossil of pollen grains which are approximately 80,000 years in age and that are nearly similar to the recent maize pollen.

The Kinds of Maize and Their Usages

These are the special forms of maize that were been improved since mid-20th century:

  1. Maize with exceptional high content of oil – utilized in the creation of the maize oil.
  2. High-protein maize – it contains around 18% of protein content against the roughly 10% of the ordinary corn which could aid to lower the amount of the protein concentrate like fish-meal and oilcake-meal needed for fair stock feed.
  3. So-called “quality-protein maize” – contains higher amount of lysine.

Planting, Fertilization and the Control of Chemical Weed

Maize farming in South Africa is done from the month of October up to December when enough rain had fallen to let the seeds of maize to germinate. Maize should be planted by rows and the gap between the rows may be different from one area to another depending on the rain.

Growth and the Development of the Corn Plant

When the soil is filled with enough water, the seeds of maize will absorb the moisture and then the seedlings will begin to develop. It needs 6-8 days to sprout. 4 to 6 weeks after the emerging process, around 8 up to 12 leaves of the new plant are wholly unfolded. 8 weeks after the emerging, you can see that the plant has 16 unfolded leaves already and corn plant was full-grown.

Harvesting and the Storage

2 combines are used commonly whereas the self-propelled combines are extremely famous with the narrower row-spacing. The combine reaper comes with an auger which feeds the bigger portion of the corn into the harvesting machine. The leaves will be exposed from the cobs while the seeds are removed from their stalks. The seeds will be separated from other plant material by means of using the fine and crude sieves.

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babu says:

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Mokete Mabyane says:

people and animals feed on this crop and as we are impacting negatively towards nature, and we are also occupying fertile areas for residential and industrial purposes we may face a challenge whereby we'll need to import maize in future.

Kaya V. says:

Can you be more specific on what you do to gm maize and fix its problems? -Thank you

fed says:

how do you traditionally harvest corn in both Africa. I mean before you had combines.

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I am an up coming commercial farmer in Malawi. My focus is on growing maize and beans. Please help me get connected to any forum in the region so that I can learn more and get connected to markets.

Riaan Groenewald says:

I just want to point out that maize was first planted by the "indigenous Indians" of the Americas and not of Africa. Maize was more likely introduced to Africa by the Portugeuse who called it milho. The word mealie or mielie used in Southern Africa derives from milho. - I am a "mealie pap" lover - regards to all.

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I am an up coming farmer in Zambia. My focus is on growing maize and beans and animal farming. Please help me get connected to any forum in the region so that I can learn more and get connected to markets.

Sibusiso Ndwandwe says:

I am a younger farmer in swaziland growing maize, but I need an advise on how to control stalk borer because my soil is fertile. I have a first harvest with good yield yet there was drought, only the stalk borer I noticed. I will be growing grean mealies this winter using the winter seed..

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I'm Sithole MNP, a student at the university of Mpumalanga I'm currently doing my second year andim enrolling for a National diploma in plant production and I'm interested in doing my experiencial training at your farm next year for the whole 12 months.

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I am struggling with my geography project and I need assistance and info about rooibos tea. Thank you

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I agree with Riaan Groenewald. Indians have not been in South Africa for more than a thousand years.

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When is the best time to plant maize seeds in East Griqualand...around Matatiele?


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