How to Start a Scrap Metal Business in South Africa

Establish a New Scrap Metal Business

Scrap metal businesses serve as great sources of income in the area of South Africa nowadays. Only those individuals who know a lot of things about metal works and business management can handle all the things that are meant to be provided in the daily operations of such type of business.

There are so many ways to make a great start for this business in South Africa. And the following ideas embody the legal steps on how to start a scrap metal business in the place that was stated at the present time. Scrap metals are the primary investments that a businessman has to collect while aiming to start a new scrap metal business in South Africa.

Focus on the Collection of the Scrap Metals

Scrap metals can be found anywhere. It can be collected from business establishments and huge junk shops. In fact, it is considered as one of the most important commodities in the market nowadays due to the fact that it can be used to produce several kinds of recycled items that are more affordable compared to the products that were created with the use of pure metals. But there are so many requirements to proper to make sure that the process of scrapping metals will never be illegal in the eyes of the authorities in South Africa. And such requirements include a well-accomplished Form U18 and Form U19 from the South African Revenue. The collection of scrap metals for a new scrap metal business must be executed also with the use of a high quality dump truck which has a bed cap to make sure that it will never be considered by the authorities as an illegal operation.

Create a Scrap Yard and Hire Skillful Workers

A scrap metal business won’t operate excellently without a scrap yard. Scrap yard refers to a place where the collected scrap metals can be segregated by sizes and can be deposited for several days or months while waiting for new buyers. It should be constructed in an isolated place where residential and commercial establishments are not available to make sure that the harmful chemicals that are present in the scrap metals which will be deposited inside of it won’t affect the health of the residents of South Africa. It should be provided with appropriate extraction tools to make sure that it will never be penalized by the authorities especially to the government agencies that are concern with the health of the residents of South Africa.

Provide the Workers with Appropriate Protective Gears

What matters most in the process of starting a new scrap metal business in South Africa is the ability of its owner to keep its daily operations safe for all of the workers in its scrap yard and to all of the residents of the country that was stated.

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bonginkosi says:

i wish to start a scrap metal business here in south africa. please do send informtion regarding relevant equipment to use and potential buyers. of scrap metal.

jack says:

i would like this business,i want to know it require license or not and where can i get cheap scale please help me

Francisco Shabalala says:

myself and partner want to start a scrap metal business

Aubrey Meissenheimer says:

I want to start a Vehicle Scrap Yard with spare parts

Sbu says:

Kindly send info on requirements for starting a scrap metal business as we are in the process of beginning operations but don't want to be on the wrong side of the law.

nkosi hlengwa says:

I wish to know more about the business of scrap metal

Tau says:

I'm planning to open scrap metal recycling company so need to know about south Africa law around that kind of business.

Given says:

I want to open a scrap metal business , i would like to know which requirement needed and does it require a license

Mandla Manganye says:

Hey" I would like to start a scrap metal recycling while I don't have enough information. So that I want to know the requirements please

Ramaboga thabo says:

Hi I have a scrab yard and I would like to have a licence for and I don't know how to register

Ramaboga thabo says:

Hi I have a scrab yard and I would like to have a licence for and I don't know how to register

Obed says:

Hi I need information to start a scrap yard


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