How to Promote a Sustainable Agriculture in Africa

Sustainable Agriculture in Africa

Not all agricultural business continually grows and expands to the planting industry. A sustainable farming is a farming practice that uses ecological principles and it includes the study of relationships among environment and organisms. It generally affects different factors such as satisfying human food and fibre needs. The sustainable farming in Africa is trying to help out in increasing the plant and animal production.

The sustainable agriculture in Africa focuses more on the human food production wherein they make sure that the consumers will get their needs while improving the environmental situation. The environment is always concerned because it is the primary area where the process in agriculture takes place. To promote a sustainable agriculture in Africa, you have to know the institutes that surely support betterment of the community.


There are different foundations that support sustainable farming in Africa for many years. See if they post archives online, and develop education programs that are available for different people all over the world. Some are also dedicated in restoring nutrient-dense food to human diet. They must support nutrition instruction, organic and biodynamic farming, pasture-feeding of livestock and community supported farms. When a farmer is sufficiently supplied with basic supports and material needs, he can make more enhancements on his products and later on provide the customers enough food supply that is nutritious and cheaper.

Slow Food

There are association activities that are looking to defend biodiversities when it comes to food supply, spreading better education, and link producer of excellent foods to consumers through initiatives and events.


A lot of alliances are advocate for thousands of independent ranchers, farmers, livestock owners and homesteaders in the country. They contribute to the production of the human needs and thinks about the consumers’ capabilities of buying these nutritious products.

Other Sources

Today there are more websites that are excellent sources of safe, natural, healthy and nutritious food products such as poultry, pork, lamb, goats and other dairy products. You just have to exactly choose the best one to gain more insight about sustainable agriculture. Look for other guides in promoting sustainable farming through various excellent flash presentations that talks about factory farming and useful links about what can you contribute about it.

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