How To Get Funding For Farming In South Africa

How To Get Loan For Farming In South Africa

Obtaining farming funding in South Africa may not be that difficult as long as you know the things you need to acquire and meet and everything that needs to be done. Upon meeting all these requirements and once your application is approved, you can guarantee to get the funding you need for the farming business you plan to establish.

How To Get Funding For Farming In South Africa - Getting a Loan or the Grants?

Starting a farming business requires enough funds to support all that needs to be obtained to establish and begin the operation. Those who are planning to start one in South Africa have some means they can rely on if they do not have the fund. These are through applying for a loan and grant. There are several grant assistance programs being sponsored by the government. This option is a kind of financial assistance award that is in the form of money. Just be reminded though that applying for grants is under strict guidelines. The good thing here is that you can apply and get the needed funding once the start-up is seen as fitted to the goals being achieved by the grant funding agencies.

There is the option of applying for a loan in banks or other financial institutions. However, the loaned fund should naturally be paid back unlike grants. Strict criteria need to be met as well for you to qualify to apply.

How To Get Funding For Farming In South Africa - Requirement for the Grant

One agency where those individuals from South Africa can apply for grants is Agriculture Fast Track fund. The main requirements that need to be met include seeking at least $1 million for an investment fund and it needs to be based on the pilot countries. They need to present a proof as well that they will be able to contribute to the country’s agricultural infrastructure as well as the continent’s economic health.

How To Get Funding For Farming In South Africa - Requirements for the Loan Funding

Application for a loan funding is the second option you can turn to and one of the organizations where you can apply is at the Agro Industries. It has a list of requirements you need to meet as well, including the presentation of a comprehensive business plan to support the application. The application needs to be viable in the marketing, financial and technical perspective too and it should be environmentally sustainable. Every application for funding received is considered carefully. You have to meet the minimum requirements from IDC also. There are two key factors you need to consider and meet as well. The first is to provide the guarantee of jobs being created with the second about the funding request which has to be a minimum of R 1-million.

With these options on how to get funding for farming in South African provided, you now only need to choose which one you should apply for.

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Themba T. Xulu says:

Are a community co.operative, we benefited from land reform program and the farm is producing, sugarcane, macadamia & pecan nuts. We been trying to get funding from the state but in vain. who can we turn to now.

Thabisa Penze says:

my colleague and i have been breeding animals for scientific research for over 28 years between the two of us. Now we are planning to start a rabbit farming but the problem is finding Land to kick start the farming plus we need assistance with the slaughtering equipment and a cold storage facility. We have a cutting edge business plan but we dont know where to knock to obtain grants.


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