Hoodia Farming in South Africa

How to Do Hoodia Farming in South Africa

Growing hoodia can quite be hard to do, which would not be the case if you are in South Africa and is knowledgeable of almost everything related to it. That is what you will find here.

Taking a Look at the Environment

Consider the environment where you would want to grow hoodia. Desert environment easily heats up to more than 122 degrees. Other times, thunderstorms can lead to a warm and humid weather. It is an advantage for Hoodia to allow it to draw in the needed moisture as soon as it is planted. The place you need to start planting and growing the seed needs to be at just the right temperature. It is important for them to be grown in an area where they can be protected from the risk of dew setting. You need to install shade cloth to protect them against it. And, rains must be avoided. Enough sunlight needs to be present as well.

The Beginning of Hoodia Planting and Growing

To start, you need to get the best hoodia seed you can ever find since it is the way in which it is grown and propagated. Remember that these seeds are often available in the months from June to October. If you already have the plant, you can simply collect seeds from them. A nurse plant needs to be present too since it is where the young plant can start germinating. It has to be protected against the sun as well. For the seed to be propagated, you can place it on the top of a sowing medium that has been well watered. Simply sprinkle the seeds and have it planted about one eight inch deep. Remember not to place too many seeds in a single pan since it can only lead to them damping off.

You will have to place the seeds tray somewhere where the bottom can be heated, which needs to be done after just 3 days. Once the germination takes place, water them with the use of lukewarm water. Enough circulation is necessary as well, so do not forget to place a small fan right next to the seedlings. It is a great help if you want to increase its growth rate. The area where the seeds are growing only requires diffused light. If the light being received is already more than the required, you will need to add some more shade cloth. But make sure that it is still getting enough light. A good indication of it is if it looks dark green.

When winter comes, the plant should be transferred to somewhere sunny. Once it becomes adult plants, it will start needing little watering. Summer months require the plants to be watered constantly, but the in-betweens should be used in drying them.

Obtaining the Requirements

This part needs to be allocated about the requirements needed to be obtained. Commercial usage of Hoodia will require you to obtain these. Rules as well as regulations have to be followed strictly as well.

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