Agricultural Subsidies in Africa

Subsidies for Farmers in Africa

Subsidies for farmers in Africa are a must to be given in order to help them come out of poverty by increasing food production. Most of the developed countries are distributing subsidies amongst their own selves and thus the less developed countries like Africa suffer. Agricultural subsidies in Africa are thereby required to help boost production.

For the development of agriculture and upliftment of the farmers in Africa, agricultural subsidies is a must. The government of Swaziland too intends to subsidise agriculture which in the long run will lead to increase in productivity and thereby increase in food grains.

Food shortage in Africa

Basically due to low rainfall there has been a food shortage in the country and thus poverty and hunger has increased more. Due to high prices, it became difficult for the farmers to buy seeds as well as fertilisers. It is in this light alone that the government has been chalking out an agricultural subsidy programme with the aim of helping out the poor marginal farmers.

The agricultural subsidies could increase the food grains production to around 42,000 metric tons which is quite a significant amount in terms of the measures taken by the government to remove poverty in the country.

Subsidies in Africa

Fertiliser subsidies have been getting a good boost in Malawi as well and the results of the same are for everyone to see and believe. Due to these subsidised fertilisers, the food grain production increased in Malawi which in turn helped Malawi to come out of deprivation and also helped it exporting food grains.

The policy of agricultural subsidy is now also being followed in some other countries of Africa like Tanzania, Nigeria, and Zambia. Today aid in the form of agricultural subsidies is also coming from World Bank and USAID.

Till now it has been mostly seen that the rich countries have been giving there farmers extra subsidies due to which there farmers are prospering and they are leading in exports while the impact is to be borne by the less developed countries like Africa. African countries have been asking the developed countries to bring about a change and reform in this strategy so that they too can benefit from globalisation and liberalisation.

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ntsiki jacobs says:

I would like to learn more about how up and coming female farmers are subsidized in south africa as I am passionate about farming

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I would like to know how to get a subsidy for crop production in South Africa. We are a group of farmers interested to produce sorghum for biofuels.

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Can our government start supporting all besides who do know.

Sibongile lesibe says:

Can our agriculture support all women besides connection

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I would like to get a subsidy for beef farming but I don't know how to apply for it. Could you please advise me on how.

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Please let me know the procedure to apply for livestock farming. Thank you

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Hi there, Kindly advise me on starting up a livestock and to be a maize farmer in Zambia as you know its a good country interms of rain seasons. Please someone to guide me.

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I would like to know is it possible to go for fish farming in Kenya ,thika area,with river water,if so please guide me


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