Agricultural Products of South Africa

South African Agricultural Products

South African agricultural products are being exported to a number of countries also. These products are grown in different parts of the country like Free State, Eastern Cape. Agricultural products of South Africa are basically grown with the help of irrigation features as rainfall is quite less in the country.

Africa is mainly deserted and there are only a few rivers which runs through the continent due to which there is a shortage of water in Africa. The rainfall is quite low and most of the continent is semi arid.

Agricultural Production in South Africa

For agriculture farmers rely on irrigation and various products of agriculture are grown there like citrus fruits, wine, vegetables. Meat production is very much practised in Africa and for meat production people have to rely on cattle, sheep and goat. Cattle and sheep breeding is also practised here.

The economy of South Africa consists of two types- commercial farming and also subsistence production which is basically being practised in the rural areas of the country.

Grain industry is one of the most flourishing industries of South Africa. In a large part of the country grains like maze, wheat, sugarcane, sunflowers are grown. South Africa is said to be one of the major producers of maize.

Types of Agricultural Products Which are Grown

The production of wheat is basically confined to the Western Cape and Free States. In the areas where it rains in summer months, Sorghum is being cultivated on a large scale. The Sorghum growing areas include Mpumalaga, the Free State, Limpopo and many more.
Sugarcane is grown on a vast scale in South Africa. Areas where sugarcane production is being carried out are the Pondoland, Eastern Cape.

Agricultural products are being kept in various segments like cereals, fruits and vegetables, oilcrops, pulses. There are also included various kinds of spices and sweetners. The other products includes dairy products, livestock, poultry, fisheries.

Amongst the fruits which are grown as well as exported out of South Africa includes the avocadoes, litchis, guavas, bananas, peanuts. Apart from these, potato crop too is being grown in Free State and Mpumalanga.

Agricultural products like green chillies, onions, sweet corn too contribute a lot to the economy of South Africa.

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