African Farming and Food Processing

Magazine on African Farming and Food Processing

The magazine on African Farming and Food Processing is published by Alain Charles Publishing Ltd. It gives a detailed view on African Farming and Food Processing which includes livestock, crops, control of weeds, pesticides. Equipments to be used in agriculture; the new kinds of machines which are available in the market for agriculture.

The magazine on African farming and food processing has been getting rave reviews and has been in great demand keeping in view the vast potential of the African market in terms of farming as well as food processing. The magazine has been published by the Alain Charles Publishing Ltd.

Publication of Magazine on Agriculture

The magazine releases 6 issues per year and gives an in depth study of the African farming. The magazine has started its publication since 1980. It is the only magazine which covers the African farming and food processing in such a vast manner and is therefore one of the most sought after magazines throughout Africa.

This is a valid factor which confirms the emphasis which the government is placing on the development of agriculture. Even the aid agencies are very much interested in the development of farming in Africa. Most of the money which comes in aid in Africa, a large part of it is being directed towards agriculture alone.

Factors Which Matter in Agriculture Development

The economic liberalisation too is having a major role to play in the same. With transport sector also getting a major boost from the government the exports too have seen an upward movement.

You can avail all the six issues of this magazine for as much as $90.00. The good aspect of the magazine is that it contains all together new articles each time as well as indepth study of the agricultural development in Africa as well as what can be done to build a better food processing industry in the country.

The technical details too are explained in a candid and lucid style. The new agricultural fertilisers, equipments as well as new machines which have come in the market are given a space in the magazine. In the editorial section, you can read the views on livestock, crops which need to be grown, irrigation, pest control, controlling the menace of weeds, how to nurture your crops.

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