African Agricultural Exports

Agricultural Exports in Africa

Agricultural exports in Africa makes Africa 5th largest exporter of a number of products. But over the recent years food insecurity has been increasing leading to poverty and hunger. African agricultural exports include avocadoes, grapefruit, plums and pears. Apart from these non alcoholic beverages, dairy products too form essential items of exports to the rest of the world.

Agriculture is often said to be the ‘engine for growth’ in Africa. It is one of the most important fields of activity and growth for the African economy. The economic stagnation over the past few decades has forced the African countries to take a look back and give agriculture its due weight age so that the country can be taken out of poverty and deprivation which rules the country.

Government Steps for the Benefit of Farmers

A number of new strategies and schemes are being formulated to raise the agricultural production since Africa imports a large number of food products which add further burden on the already weak economy.

Diversification of the agricultural commodities is however found out to be quite less in Africa as compared to Asia. Food insecurity has been on the rise in Africa which is creating constant problems in the country.

Uganda has been a major exporter of flowers to the rest of the world but now even its export is on the decline. The industry is not able to earn any profitable income from the same even in flourishing seasons like Valentine’s Day. The sales have been falling continually posing a major problem to the florists in Uganda.

Agricultural Products Which are being Exported

Chocolates and pineapples as well as citrus fruits and cut flowers are some of the products which are allowed in the US duty free. Over the recent years owing to the steps taken by the African government, the African exports are slowly yet gradually rising and reaching sustenance level which is also leading to the creation of a number of job opportunities.

South Africa is also one of the leading exporters of avocadoes, grapefruit, plums and pears. Along with these, ostrich products and tangerines too are exported. Some other exports include dairy products, hides and skins, non alcoholic beverages.

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