Broiler Chicken Farming in South Africa

Broiler chicken farming is gaining more popularity in the poultry industry as it can provide fast outcome as soon as the chickens grow into its ideal sizes. People should know that it is known to be the fastest growing sector in the poultry in South Africa and has been considered as very profitable for many poultry farmers.

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Fish Farming Process in South Africa

Starting a fish farm business entails more than finding the right location to start the business. It should be paired with knowledge and enough planning and skill. The knowledge you need will be provided here for you to use with the planning and your application later on.

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Steps to Start Cattle Farming in South Africa

A cattle farm is a profitable business particularly for South Africa residents. But, before putting up a cattle farm business, you need to be equipped with the right steps that you need to follow to assure a successful business operation.

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Kabute Farming

“Kabute” are soil products internationally known as mushrooms. Mushrooms are typically growing in the wild and most people are unmindful of the enormous benefits it does to human health. But today, mushroom farming is a booming industry.

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How to Promote a Sustainable Agriculture in Africa

Not all agricultural business continually grows and expands to the planting industry. A sustainable farming is a farming practice that uses ecological principles and it includes the study of relationships among environment and organisms. It generally affects different factors such as satisfying human food and fibre needs. The sustainable farming in Africa is trying to help out in increasing the plant and animal production.

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Agricultural Products of South Africa

South African agricultural products are being exported to a number of countries also. These products are grown in different parts of the country like Free State, Eastern Cape. Agricultural products of South Africa are basically grown with the help of irrigation features as rainfall is quite less in the country.

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Maize Farming in South Africa

Maize farming in South Africa was practiced by the indigenous Indians inside the country for thousands of years up to present. It is important for you to know how these people raise this crop, the origin, how they plant, the kinds of maize, and how they harvest it.

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How to Start a Scrap Metal Business in South Africa

Scrap metal businesses serve as great sources of income in the area of South Africa nowadays. Only those individuals who know a lot of things about metal works and business management can handle all the things that are meant to be provided in the daily operations of such type of business.

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Statistics about Farms in Africa

African farm statistics reveal that as many as 0.88 million hectares of land comes under organic farming. Around 39 countries of Africa are involved in organic farming. Statistics about farms in Africa help us in knowing in about the overall farm development in the country which otherwise would not be possible.

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Things to Know for Starting a Pig Farm in South Africa

Pig farming in South Africa can be the highest and the most profitable business farming enterprise that is commonly chosen by the people as their business. This is because of the huge amount of profits that are given to all the people who are raising the pigs. Pigs are regarded to be hardy animals that require optimal care and attention to make it very economical to your farm. That is why, it is very essential for people to determine some of the essential considerations before starting to raise pig farming in South Africa.

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